A Cosmetic Dentist in Wesley Chapel, FL Can Improve the Appearance of Your Gums

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When you see a cosmetic dentist in Wesley Chapel, FL you come in with set expectation. This expectation, typically is that you will leave with a smile that is far better than the one you started with. We understand this expectation and have worked hard to culture it. At our office, we want to make sure that you have the brightest and the whitest set of teeth possible so that you can love your smile. As such we have perfected a number of techniques and procedures to give you what you want. These have become well known, partly thanks to popular culture and are usually the procedures that will bring you in.

Some of the more common things we help people with are teeth whitening, the replacement of lost teeth using dentures, bridges, or dental implants, repairing of teeth with dental veneers or porcelain crowns, and the straightening of crooked or misaligned teeth with braces. These are our bread and butter procedures that we perform virtually every day. There are other techniques we use to improve the appearance of your mouth, which are not quite as well know but can have quite an impact on the aesthetics of your smile. Two of these are gingivectomies and gum contouring.

As a cosmetic dentist in Wesley Chapel, FL, we can and will have a significant impact on your mouth’s overall health and wellbeing. If your gums are unhealthy, we may suggest performing a gingivectomy. A gingivectomy is essentially the removal of excess gum tissue from the gums, where they have created troublesome deep pockets. Typically, people who need a cosmetic dentist to perform this kind of procedure are suffering from gum diseases. The disease causes the teeth and gums to become separated, leaving a gap between the two. When this happens deep pockets appear in the gums, which can become deadly to the teeth if left alone. The pockets are breeding grounds for bacteria since plaque is allowed to build up in this hard to clean spot virtually unchallenged.

To begin treatment, we will start by numbing your gums with a local anesthetic. This ensures that you do not have any discomfort while we are performing the surgery. Once your gums are sufficiently numb, we will remove the excess tissue that is loose from the gums using a scalpel, radiosurgery, or laser surgery. If there is any contouring required, to prevent the gums from having a loss of shape, we will perform that as well. Finally, we will put some putty over the gums to protect them while they heal and get back to normal.

Contouring the gums is an important procedure. When the gums are too short, the teeth appear to be too long and sometimes, with gum recession, the roots can be exposed. When gums are too long, they can give a person a gummy smile. In either of these two cases, we can solve your problem with a short, in-clinic procedure that known as gum contouring where we lengthen or shorten your gums to the appropriate height.  As a cosmetic dentist in Wesley Chapel, FL, these are only some of the ways that we can improve the appearance and function of your gums.

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