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Teaching your kids the right oral hygiene practices don’t have to be a hassle. While educating them the correct brushing and flossing techniques can be too intimidating for a child; you can always find ways to make it more fun. Not quite sure of the things to do? We at Apex Dental will help you. But first, have you brought them already to our clinic? We have various pediatric dentistry services designed especially for your kids. Let our dentist help your little ones achieve desirable oral health now!

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Give your kids a fun dental hygiene experience!

Parents, are your pen and notes ready? We will list down here the top points to encourage your children to perform oral care routine daily. These hacks are child-friendly, easy, and effective. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the tips.

Give them oral care tools suited for their age

Unless you don’t want to scare your kids to brush, do not lend them your mentholated, plain toothpaste. Add some sparkle to their oral care routine by giving your young ones a flavored toothpaste and kid-friendly toothbrush. There are oral care products available in the market that are designed primarily for children’s use.

Do life – and brushing – together

If there’s someone who can effectively motivate a child to brush and floss, it’s you, dear parents. Make your kids feel that they are not alone in this practice, that you are willing to support and assist them all throughout. You can brush or floss together and make it even enjoyable by turning on your child’s favorite nursery songs.

Be resourceful

You can also use books that talk about healthy dental care habits to motivate your kids. Plus, there are videos that educate children the proper methods to brush and floss. These visuals might be of great help for them.

Choose us at Apex Dental as your kid’s dental care partner

Why pick Apex Dental for your child? Well, aside from our impressive pediatric dentistry procedures, our dental office is equipped with facilities made especially for children. We have books, toys, and a relaxing ambiance for your kids to enjoy!


Your kids deserve the best care. For their smiles, let them avail of our Pediatric Dentistry services in Wesley Chapel, FL. We at Apex Dental are happy to help your kids attain healthy teeth, mouth, and gums. We are located at 1207 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., Wesley Chapel, FL 33544.