Orthodontic Braces Had Come A Long Way in Wesley Chapel, FL

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Orthodontic braces had come a long way. Today, people can avail many braces options starting from the old-school metal braces to the most advanced type of braces. Many people think that traditional or metal braces are the first type of braces that was made available in the field of dentistry. However, during the ancient times, where technology is not as progressive as today, our forefathers had invented different types of orthodontic braces already. Just like us, they too are concerned with how their teeth look and functions.

We at Apex Dental offers Invisalign treatment to our patients. We care about the dental and esteem needs of our patients that is why we provide orthodontic braces options that can fix their teeth and bite issues but won’t give a negative impact to their physical appearance. A lot of teens, and even adults, invest in Invisalign because of its many advantages. Invisalign corrects people’s smile without the hassle and discomfort, making it worth the try!


Orthodontics Treatment


During 400 and 300 BC, Aristotle, the famous philosopher who wrote about tooth growth, tooth decay, and gum disease and Hippocrates, the “father of medicine” who had developed a radical method of treating a patient’s tooth woes, already practiced orthodontics. It is also around this time that metal bands and gold wires wrapped around the teeth of the mummified remains was discovered by the archaeologists in Italy, along with the evidence that these was used as a dental device. Eighteenth-century came and the French dentist, Pierre Fauchard received the acknowledgment for the father of modern dentistry. Aside from publishing a book on straightening the teeth, he also used a device to widen the upper palate called “bandeau,” a horseshoe-shaped piece of iron. Later on, way back the nineteenth century, materials like gold, silver, platinum, gum rubber, ivory, copper and even wood were used as loops, hooks, spurs, and ligatures for braces. Gum elastics were first used, and rubber bands were created. Gold was the popular material choice for braces before.

Nowadays, the advancement of modern technology has made it possible for orthodontics to produce and innovate wide braces options to give patients a more comfortable orthodontics experience. Here are the types of braces available today:

  • Metal Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Lingual Braces
  • Invisalign


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