We Provide Dental Crowns in Wesley Chapel: How to Keep Them in Good Condition

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As a provider of dental crowns in Wesley Chapel, we can restore your damaged teeth and improve their appearance. While we offer several solutions that can be considered natural-looking dental restorations, crowns are among the most popular. This is because a crown covers the tooth like a cap. By surrounding it, the crown prevents anything from coming in direct contact with it. If a tooth has been severely cracked or chipped, this makes it possible to bite down with force and not worry about feeling discomfort. Since we can create crowns using a tooth-colored material, they will also look entirely natural and blend in with the surrounding teeth.


Dental Crowns

Increase the longevity of your dental crowns

Crowns are also one of the longest lasting dental restorations. They are not, however, infallible. They can break just like natural teeth, which makes it important to take good care of them. You can eat your favorite foods but should avoid doing things like chewing on pencils or using your teeth to open bags. Treat them with care, and they can last for decades. Here are a few other tips that can increase the longevity of your crowns.

Eat a healthy diet

We recommend that our patients eat a diet high in lean protein, green leafy vegetables, dairy, and nuts. This will help to remineralize and strengthen the teeth. As a provider of dental crowns in Wesley Chapel, we understand that a healthy diet will not greatly benefit one’s dental crowns, the teeth and gums will be able to thrive in a healthy environment.

Practice good oral hygiene

When you get dental crowns, you are covering the visible portion of your teeth, but that does not mean your other teeth are not susceptible to decay. If you have a cavity that goes untreated or gum disease that causes gum recession, it can cause an infection and place your natural tooth structure, roots, and crown at risk.

Visit us for dental care

During your routine examinations, we will inspect your dental crowns. If we notice there is any minor damage, we may be able to correct it instead of needing to replace your crown. Whether or not we can do so is partially dependent upon the severity of the damage and how quickly we catch it.

Wear a night guard

If you grind your teeth at night, you are at risk for damaging your natural teeth and your crowns. In fact, nighttime grinding can even cause your restorations to become loose or pop out of place. The best way to prevent damage is to wear a comfortable night guard while you sleep.

Use a mouthguard

Those who play sports should always wear a mouthguard. This serves as a barrier between your teeth and a flying ball or elbow, so you will not experience any unnecessary damage. A mouthguard can protect your crowns and your other teeth.

To learn more about how to increase the lifespan of your dental crowns in Wesley Chapel, call us at (813) 994-4200 and visit our office. We will be happy to examine you, provide you with preventative care, and answer any questions you may have.

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