Schedule a Smile Makeover Before Your Wedding Day

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There is not a better accessory to invest in than a smile makeover for your wedding day. Imagine the scenario: You are the center of attention. You spent hours preparing. You found the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, and you have the perfect hairstyle. Don’t neglect the most important feature that will be frozen in time through photographs and videos for decades to come – your smile. You will want to be able to look back through photos without being disappointed by imperfections. Scheduling a smile makeover before your wedding day can put your mind at ease, boost your confidence, and make you absolutely stunning. Complete wedding preparations by making your teeth look great.¬†

We are a smile makeover specialist and can provide the best treatments for whatever is putting a damper on your dazzling smile. There are many preferred methods that provide an easy, but impressive, improvement. If you need whitening, contouring, or even a tooth replacement, we have the tools and services you desire for a perfect smile makeover.

  • Teeth whitening: We can provide a variety of shades to most closely create a naturally whitened look for your skin tone. Once you choose your shade, we can provide thorough in-office whitening or even an easy-to-use take home bleaching process.
  • Bonding: Unbeknownst to most, bonding is actually a very non-invasive and fast approach to improving the appearance of your teeth. If you have chips, cracks, or large spaces in your teeth, our tooth-colored bonding materials can fill in troublesome areas with a natural look. This is also a fast solution that can be completed in one visit to our dental office.
  • Veneers: If you need slightly more extensive work done, veneers can do the trick. These customized composite resin or porcelain shells are placed over your most prominent teeth and cover a variety of flaws including extreme discoloration, crookedness, misshapen teeth, and even chipped or cracked teeth.
  • Crowns: If you have severely damaged teeth or teeth that have suffered decay, crowns are a durable, long-lasting fix. Crowns are placed over the remainder of your tooth and provide an attractive and natural appearance.
  • Implants: Having a missing tooth can really affect the overall appeal of your smile. You don’t have to live with this disappointing imperfection. Dental implants take a little more time and planning, but if they are accomplished in a timely manner, they provide a natural-looking, durable, and beautiful replacement to your natural teeth. Plus they are a permanent fix so you will never have to worry about that unfortunate missing tooth again.

Your wedding day will be the most important day of your life. All eyes will be on you and your future spouse. Don’t let your dental downfalls leave you feeling insecure, uncomfortable, or unattractive. You should feel happy and confident in every way on your wedding day. We can fix whatever it is that is holding your brilliant smile back. Schedule your smile makeover now, so you can have an unforgettable smile on your wedding day. ¬†While it is best to come in several months before your wedding, we do have options for improving your smile right away, so visit us even if your wedding is right around the corner.

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