Teeth Whitening is All About Science and Results

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For a brighter smile, teeth whitening is one of those highly effective and reasonably priced solutions. With the increasing demand for teeth whitening services, there are now options available either over the counter at the drug store or at our offices.  Both can give you various levels of white teeth. In a world that functions at full speed, with energy drinks and boosts of quick energy all the rage, having a teeth whitening solution is important.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of products you come in contact with every day that can completely ruin your teeth. Each of these contain a chemical or natural coloring that goes to work on your enamel to change the color virtually on contact. The list of known products is endless, but the top three that are most commonly used are red wine, tea, and coffee. Other products like sauces, energy drinks, cola, and berries don’t fall very far behind on their ability to change the color of your teeth. Take for example coffee. If you are one of those people who will need that first cup of coffee as soon as you wake up, you are exactly like 68% of the country that will drink a cup of coffee within the first hour of their day. Coffee is extremely rich in chromogens, which is highly staining to teeth.

Teeth whitening is achieved through a chemical process. All colors are seen by the brain because the object is bending the light to a certain wavelength, which portrays that particular color. The teeth are no different, as they use the natural light to appear white. In order to harness this the chemicals inside of a teeth whitening solution, go to work releasing free radicals in the organic makeup of the teeth. These free radicals influence the color-producing compounds in the teeth through a process of oxidization. The oxidization of the teeth causes them to become more colorless, and hence reduces the discoloring of the teeth and makes them appear to be significantly whiter. To achieve this chemical change the major compound used is peroxide based.

The peroxide solutions are able to easily penetrate below the surface of the enamel, making the changes that are needed in order for your teeth to appear whiter. The products that are available for over the counter teeth whitening solutions typically contain hydrogen peroxide, while the products we use to do teeth whitening in the clinic are carbamide peroxide based. Carbamide peroxide contains around 35% hydrogen peroxide as well and is best used by a professional.

The teeth whitening solution we use contains carbamide peroxide which is more potent than a solution with only hydrogen peroxide. Despite having a better shelf life and being more stable, hydrogen peroxide is not as effective at whitening your teeth. There are other differences between the over the counter solutions available and the solutions we use in the clinic. The clinic based solutions have a peroxide percentage of between 15% and 43%, making them extremely potent versus the store bought solutions that have between 3% and 20% peroxide. As a teeth whitening dentist, we know the best way to whiten your teeth, have a stronger solution for doing so, and will ensure that your smile looks beautiful once done.

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