The Truths About Dental Crowns in Wesley Chapel, FL

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Dentures are not anymore unfamiliar to patients. This type of teeth replacement is popular with people who have missing teeth. Same goes to dental implants and fillings which are both famous in the field of restorative dentistry. You might have heard about dental crowns already. But the question is, how much do you know them?

Dental crowns are used either for restoration or cosmetic purposes. They serve many functions: cover the unappealing appearance of the pearly white, strengthen the weakened tooth, and prevent cavities from worsening. Here at Apex Dental, we offer crowns made from metal, ceramic, and a combination of both materials. We listed down some other information about dental crowns below to help you decide if the prostheses are right for you.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns: Facts To Know

Perfect Fit

A dental crown can sit on the affected tooth snugly because the dentist first performs a process called enamel reduction before the placement of the prosthesis. In this step, the outer layer of the original pearly white will be altered to give space for the crown.

Multiple Uses

Crowns can be used to protect the tooth that has been treated with a root canal. Other functions of the said prosthesis include anchoring the dental bridges, covering the dental implants, and concealing the unpleasant aesthetic of the tooth.

Impressive Durability

The capability of a crown to withstand chewing forces is great. Its lifespan can actually last for up to 15 years.

Crowns Should Be Replaced

Despite being durable, some factors may hasten the need of a crown for a replacement. When the prosthesis shows signs like discoloration, decays around its edges, cracks, and excessive wear, then it’s time to visit the dentist for a new crown.


Dental crowns are artificial, yet they resemble the original look of the pearly whites closely. No one will be able to tell if you are wearing fake teeth because the prostheses mimic the real teeth.

Are you planning to restore the appearance, shape, or form of your tooth? Consider dental crowns under our Crowns and Bridges Services in Wesley Chapel, FL. Visit us at 1207 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 now.