Tips for Helping Teenagers Have an Amazing Invisalign Experience

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Many orthodontic patients nowadays are enticed of giving clear aligner treatments a go since they promise to eliminate the hassles associated with the traditional approach. Instead of bonding metal brackets and wires on the teeth, this treatment utilizes thermoplastic. By using the said material, virtually invisible oral appliances can be worn over the teeth throughout the day without other people noticing.

At Apex Dental, we know that adults are not the only ones who find this orthodontic treatment favorable, so we also offer it to our teen patients. With the help of Invisalign for Teens, they can straighten their teeth without having to experience the name callings like ugly betty, metal mouth, train track, and more. Aside from providing sets of Invisalign trays, our practice also prepared a list of tips teen patients can follow for them to get the most of their orthodontic treatment.


But first things first, what are the reasons that make teenagers prefer Invisalign?

Comfortable: Compared to metal braces, patients no longer need to bear with the discomfort and occasional poking of the wire’s edges since Invisalign uses a smooth plastic material.

Effective: Thanks to the continuous improvements made with Invisalign, it can now correct a wider range of teeth flaws and even finish much faster than the traditional treatment.

Easy maintenance: Unlike with the metal braces, keeping both the teeth and oral appliance in shape is easier. Performing the usual oral routine habits would suffice.

Invisalign Tips for Teens

  • Bring an on the go bag with essential things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, Invisalign case, and floss. Doing so allows them to clean their teeth and oral appliance after every meal even when at school.
  • To maintain the virtually invisible look of the oral appliance, they should only consume water with the aligners on. It is advised to take them out when eating and drinking strong-colored substances to avoid damages and stains.
  • Wear the aligner trays for 20 to 22 hours every day to make sure that the device guides the teeth to their proper places.
  • Make sure to replace the aligners on the schedule as advised by the dentist and following the correct sequence to avoid unnecessary discomfort. Staying on schedule helps makes sure that there won’t be any delay.
  • Schedule dental appointments as recommended by the dentist. That is for them to monitor the progress of the teeth and take measures to make sure that the ideal outcome can be achieved.

Parents should, as much as possible, check their teens and offer assistance to make sure that the treatment goes smoothly. If there are any irregularities during the procedure, make sure to address any concerns with the dentist not to compromise the outcome.

Bring out your teen’s best smile with Invisalign for Teens in Wesley Chapel, FL, book your appointments with Apex Dental! Call us to let them experience outstanding treatment in making their teeth straighter, beautiful, and healthy!