Tips For Making Your TMJ Treatment More Effective

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If you have TMJ disorders, you are probably interested in learning more about how to get the most effective results from your treatment. At this point, you have most likely visited a dentist to receive conservative treatment options to help alleviate discomfort and to give you a better night of rest. If you have not yet visited for treatment, we will briefly cover a few common treatment options. If you are engaged in TMJ disorders treatment, we will discuss how to make it more effective.

There are still many unanswered questions regarding TMJ disorders that scientists are continually researching, which is why any extreme treatment option, like surgery, is discouraged. If you have TMJ disorders, you will notice irritation, inflammation, locking, tensing, and grinding in the temporomandibular joint of your jawbone. This joint is responsible for opening and closing your mouth and allowing you to speak and eat. If you have disorders associated with it, it can be incredibly frustrating, debilitating, and painful. Fortunately, most TMJ disorders come and go and do not linger for long. If you have TMJ disorders that do not seem to go away, there are a few treatment options you should consider that may have the most effective results for correcting this issue. These include:

Self-care Practices: Self-care practices are the first TMJ treatment suggested. These include eating softer foods, applying cold packs, jaw stretching exercises, and avoiding wide yawning or gum chewing.

Medications: Many medications can be offered to reduce the symptoms of TMJ disorders. Anti-inflammatory drugs are useful in reducing swelling and providing temporary relief of grinding and discomfort. There are also many pain relievers, muscle relaxants, and anti-anxiety medications available that have the potential to help. Using these medications as directed will encourage effectiveness.

Oral Appliances: This is our most effective TMJ treatment option with little chance of negative side effects. Our custom-created oral appliances are mouth guard like devices that limit the symptoms of TMJ disorders. The appliances are used to reposition the jaw into a more correct location. This keeps the airway open, keeps the jaw from unnecessary movement, and reduces tension or strain during sleep. These appliances are placed over teeth and discourage teeth grinding that could aggravate TMJ disorders symptoms. Our oral appliances work best when worn every night as directed. They also work well in conjunction with our other tips like proper self-care practices for the elimination of TMJ disorders manifestations. Remember to chew soft foods, avoid singing or constant talking, and try not to yawn when TMJ disorders symptoms are present. Any overuse or unnecessary use of your temporomandibular joint will cause discomfort.

For more tips regarding making TMJ treatment more effective, you can call or visit our office. We recommend that you learn more about how our oral appliances can help your TMJ disorders from flaring up. With our TMJ treatment, you will wake up more well-rested and you will avoid headaches and jaw discomfort from constant joint strain.

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