Top Six Benefits of Clear Braces in Wesley Chapel, FL

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Many people want to straighten their teeth with orthodontics to achieve the smile that they have always dreamed of. Thankfully, metal braces have emerged to give a solution to the most common dental woe of many. However, this type of appliance is not the best solution for those who are more conscious about their appearance due to its metal brackets and wires which can be unsightly.


Cosmetic Dentistry


But as the years went by, continuous advancements have improved orthodontic procedures, giving way for the discreet, comfortable, and convenient options like Clear Braces to arise. Although it has the same principle as traditional braces, many patients prefer its use since it utilizes tooth-colored braces and wires giving it a more pleasant look. But if you think that it is all about looks, think again for it has more to offer. Here are some!

They are durable

The most common misconception about clear braces is that it is not as durable as its metal counterpart. But in reality, archwires and brackets are actually designed carefully to ensure maximum durability.

Added protection for the teeth

Not only does it correct certain teeth irregularities, but it also prevents the demineralization of the enamel. Thanks to the improved bonding agent that uses top of the line technology, discoloration around that brackets can be avoided while providing a high level of adhesive strength.

Faster results

The most common worry with metal braces can be minimized with clear braces – treatment duration. It can straighten the teeth in a short time compared to several years which is usually the case with metal braces; it can often last shorter than Invisalign clear aligners!

More comfort

While discomfort is common to any orthodontic procedures either with braces or aligners, clear braces make it more bearable. It uses smaller and rounded brackets, therefore reducing pain and irritations on the gums.


While some like to have the tooth-colored option, others love to have fun with braces. Clear braces allow patients to choose colored bands to make their smiles more colorful.

Better oral health

It effectively corrects teeth alignment and position, allowing patients to practice proper hygiene and care without anything that can get in the way. Complications that may arise due to the overcrowding of the teeth is eliminated. We at Apex Dental believe that clear braces can be a preventive measure against the development of problems due to areas on the mouth that are not easily accessed.


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