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Apex Dental has the solutions patients need for transforming their smile into something that is straight, bright, white, and beautiful. Regardless of why you don’t like your smile, Dr. Hassan can help by fixing any cosmetic or health issues while creating something beautiful and natural. To learn more, call to schedule an appointment.

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Dr. Amr Hassan, FAGD is an expert veneers dentist, and he provides dental veneers that allow patients to restore damaged teeth or transform their smile into something beautiful.

At Apex Dental, we often treat patients who have a variety of dental concerns. Some patients visit our Wesley Chapel office because their tooth has been broken while others are looking to create a Hollywood smile. Most people are candidates for the procedure as long as their tooth structure and roots are in place. If, however, you have a cavity or gum disease this will need to be treated before the procedure is completed.

Veneers Hide Imperfections and Enhance Your Smile

Dental veneers quickly and dramatically enhance the appearance of your smile. These ultra-thin ceramic or resin shells cover the tooth and hide all imperfections. Gaps, discolorations, uneven teeth and worn surfaces disappear. Apex Dental will design custom made veneers just for you, giving the appearance of completely natural, beautifully aligned teeth. Contact Apex Dental today to see if veneers are right for you!

If you want to learn more about dental veneers, we recommend that you call (813) 358-6808 to schedule an appointment. We are known throughout Florida as a trusted provider of veneers and can let you know if they will help you to achieve the goals that you have for your smile.

Teeth Whitening or Veneers?

Apex Dental Will Help You Choose the Best Solution

Teeth whitening is an economical procedure that provides excellent results for most situations. For severely discolored teeth, whitening may not give the desired results and veneers are recommended to permanently brighten the smile. Additionally, when the teeth are misaligned or have gaps, veneers can make a significant difference in the face and smile.

For small chips and cracks, bonding is the most cost-effective solution. When the problem is more severe or includes dullness, wear, spacing problems, uneven teeth or deep discoloration, our veneers may be the best solution.

While veneers are more expensive than bonding or whitening, the results are permanent and worth the investment.

Veneers are an effective and permanent solution to correcting problems with the shape, size and color of your teeth. Your new teeth will be bright, evenly aligned and so dazzling, you won’t want to stop smiling.

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The Veneers Process

Two types of veneers are commonly available: ceramic or porcelain, and composite resin veneers. The process is slightly different for each, but either way, the first step in the process is planning your treatment. Pictures are taken using advanced digital imaging. Then, you and Dr. Hassan together will make a decision about how your finished smile will look.

When you are ready to proceed, a custom mold is taken of your teeth. This mold will be used to custom make the veneers. If you are getting resin veneers, Wesley Chapel dentist, Dr. Hassan may create them directly on your teeth. Porcelain veneers require fabrication in a dental laboratory. Once the veneers are made and ready to be installed, they are permanently bonded into place and your smile is ready for action. If you think veneers are the right choice for you, call Apex Dental today to schedule an appointment!

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Flat-Screen TVs
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What is a Dental Veneer?

A veneer is a thin shell that is made out of porcelain or ceramic. The shade of the veneer, along with its shape and size will be made to match your surrounding teeth so that it blends in perfectly.

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How is a Dental Veneer Used?

We can accomplish a variety of things using dental veneers. By placing them on top of the teeth, we can close gaps, make teeth even in length, cover dark stains and create a uniform looking smile. In this way, veneers can create a smile that rivals the most famous Hollywood stars. In fact, many of them have had this procedure to create the smile you see today. The nice thing is that you don’t have to be famous to improve your smile. You simply need to call (813) 358-6808 and schedule an appointment to see Dr. Hassan.

On occasion, the stains are too strong for a teeth bleaching procedure to work. When this happens, Dr. Hassan can provide an alternative treatment. For example, patients in Wesley Chapel can have dental veneers placed on the surface of teeth in order to cover dark stains. This is often preferable for patients who smoke since veneers are stain-resistant and won’t yellow quickly like natural teeth. Still, it is wise to try a teeth whitening procedure first, before starting a cosmetic one.

At Apex Dental, we also recommend that patients have their teeth whitened before having other dental procedures completed. Most of the materials that are used in dental restorations or for cosmetic purposes are stain-resistant and bleach resistant. For example, a dental crown won’t stain or bleach but should maintain its initial coloring with time. When a crown, veneer, bridge, or implant is created in a dental lab, they are created to match the shade of the surrounding teeth. If the surrounding teeth are yellow, these restorations will be created in a yellow shade. If the surrounding teeth are a brilliant white, the restoration will be as well. This makes the timing of teeth whitening procedures important. If you live in the 33544 area and know that you need a dental restoration, have your teeth whitening procedure scheduled first.

Wesley Chapel, Florida Dental Veneers

We also use dental veneers for restorations. When teeth become cracked, chipped or broken, a veneer can be used to restore the tooth to its full functionality. As long as the tooth structure is intact, it is an excellent way to restore the appearance of a tooth while making it possible to eat and speak without feeling any discomfort.

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The Procedure

When patients visit our Apex Dental offices, we will take an impression of their teeth so that the dental veneers can be created in a lab. They will be made to match the size, shape, and color of your teeth. This can take a week or more.

In order to have dental veneers placed, Dr. Hassan will first prepare your tooth by removing a portion of the enamel. This is necessary so that the veneer will lay flat and in line with your gum tissue. After the tooth has been prepared, a temporary veneer will be secured using removable glue. While wearing a temporary veneer, it is important to brush your teeth gently and avoid eating any foods that could push it out of place. Since it is secured by removable glue, it can be moved fairly easily.

When your permanent veneers are ready, you will come back into our Apex Dental offices so that Dr. Hassan can remove the temporary and ensure that the new veneer is a perfect fit. It is typically attached using a water-based solution to see how it looks. If any adjustments need to be made, it will be done at this time. Otherwise, the tooth will be cleaned, and the dental veneer will be bonded to the tooth. Patients throughout Florida love how the results look. They are instant, and you can start flashing your smile right away.

After the Procedure

Your teeth will typically be sore for a few days after they have been prepared and after the permanent veneers are placed. During this time, you can take pain medication to help you stay comfortable. Our patients throughout the 33544 area also benefit from getting rest and using a cold compress to reduce any swelling. Dr. Hassan recommends that patients watch what they eat for a few days, and stick with foods that are soft. While there is a short recovery time when getting dental veneers, most patients believe the procedure is entirely worth it because in the end, you will have a beautiful smile.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

Patients throughout the Wesley Chapel, Florida area love how veneers make their teeth look. This procedure is an excellent solution because veneers can be used to transform your smile into one that looks perfect and beautiful. It does so, while still using your natural teeth, so there is no need for surgery, and the recovery time is reduced. Since the veneers are made to match your other teeth, they will look natural, and no one will be able to tell that you had any cosmetic dentistry work completed. Another benefit is that they are made out of a stain-resistant material. This means that your teeth will stay whiter and brighter, even if your favorite beverage is a hot cup of coffee. Dr. Hassan is an expert veneers dentist and can use them to transform your smile.

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The Downside

As with most cosmetic procedures, there can be some discomfort associated with getting dental veneers installed. This is to be expected; however, we do our best to keep patients completely comfortable during the procedure so that you will not experience any pain while the veneers are being placed or your teeth are being prepared. The process can take several weeks, so there will be a period where you need to be careful about what you eat and what activities you engage in. In other words, don’t play football after getting temporary veneers placed onto your teeth. You should schedule the procedure for a time where you will be close to home and able to take easy.


At Apex Dental, we understand that your insurance company may or may not pay for dental veneers. We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure that you receive the dental care that you need, regardless of how much they are willing to pay. We offer a variety of financing solutions for those who are uninsured, as well. By creating a payment plan, we make getting dental veneers affordable.

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